Weekly Massage: How Healthy is this Holistic Regimen?

We always desire to feel young and look good everyday. This is not all about physical beauty alone.  A weekly massage has  been well-recognized by medical doctors as an effective  technique to relieve stress, headaches, strains, releasing of serotonin hormones, minimizes the incidence of hypertension and most importantly, boosting our immune system. It is incredibly a rewarding health outcome that should not be taken for granted. Also, this holistic technique stimulates the nerves which carefully carry signals  emanating  from our skin going to the the brain. As a result, lots of physiological changes will take place.

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A recent research study  conducted by the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine, spearheaded by Tiffany Field, came up with an interesting conclusion that a weekly  massage of infants fosters quality sleep as compared to those whose parents are hesitant to try this soothing and painless treatment modality due to some irrational reason.  Likewise, any type of massage provides the ability to maintain general health  based on the observations and findings of  Elliott  Greene,  former president of AMTA or otherwise known as the American Massage Therapy Association.

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Each session of a weekly massage paves the way for maintaining our optimum health by balancing all of our  primal body systems. Little did we know that when we indulge ourselves into this touch-oriented approach, relaxation can be excellently attained particularly of our tensed muscles areas without a doubt. Thus, the tremendous communication lines of our body will do its distinct functions to restore good health and an exceptional well-being.

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If a person will find time to undergo a weekly massage, body pains are no big deals. Stiffness is decreased to a certain level; though you are not aware of it.  Unwanted inflammations because of overused muscles will not hamper your personal productivity. A bodywork increases the production of white blood cells to prevent ailments from hounding your body and mind.

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Scientifically, to undergo a weekly massage allows your body to manufacture natural ibuprofen by decreasing cortisol while it enhances the production of serotonin.  For geniuses, increase your brainpower by heightening your brain waves to promote alertness via a 15-minute session of chair massage.

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Patients who seem to be struggling with severe emotional disability should be administered with a weekly massage to improve their negative perceptions about life by applying the principles of creative visualization.

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Your weekly  massage catalyzes our body like a machine to do  impossible feats that the  mind can never refute.

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