Self-Care Exercises for Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes are annoying. These are primarily caused by stress, fluid retention, excessive alcohol intake or poor diet. Many of us are not aware of the fact that there are self-care exercises for puffy eyes.  First and foremost, a soothing eye massage should be tried. To do this, proper stimulation is required.  Place both of your ring fingers on the external area  of your eye socket bones. Press them in all gentleness and work around the wholeness of  the eye sockets to provide  you with instant relief.

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Also, one of the easiest self-care exercises for puffy eyes is blinking. Blink your eyes for not more than 20 minutes most especially if you had a good night sleep to avoid the occurrence of puffy eyes. Moreover, resort to a temple massage by using your middle or index fingers. Massage these areas for one minute to minimize this irritable eye condition.

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A competent massage therapist possesses the expertise and knowledge of teaching a client on how to do self-exercises for puffy eyes through an acupressure hand massage. For a detailed procedure, here’s the link to click on.

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Furthermore, these self-care exercises for puffy eyes are more effective if we will try to lessen our unreasonable salt intake to prevent the onset of water retention. Increase your water intake by drinking 6-8 glasses of water each day. Most importantly, alcohol intake must be regulated. Processed foodstuffs are strictly prohibited. Furthermore, slice some fresh cucumbers because these veggies contain an active and natural astringent to address eye puffiness problems.

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The other  self-care exercises for puffy eyes are shown in these health tutorial videos.

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Self-care exercises for puffy eyes aims to provide the following health benefits: Reduces the sudden occurrences of eye diseases, it improves your concentration and  amazingly boosts the power and use of your peripheral vision.

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There’s no doubt  that once you have appreciate the effectiveness of these time-tested self-care exercises for puffy eyes, cosmetic surgery is no longer necessary to flaunt your beautiful and healthy eyes with confidence.

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