Massage Therapy for Facet Joint Pain Syndrome

Have you ever experienced a facet joint pain syndrome? It is a medical problem which triggers mild or severe back pains that occurs in the cervical and lumbar vertebra. These types of joints are too painful due to an injury that causes joints to become stiff.  As a result, these body parts have been hypomobile  or hypermobile  depending on the kind of disease. Pains arise from the facet joint which are inflamed or the occurrence of muscle spasms. The main causes of this particular disease are as follows: Slow degeneration, locked facet joint, joint spurs and the likes.

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Treatment wise, if you have a facet joint pain syndrome the proper assessment of a physiotherapist is necessary to easily diagnose a locked facet joint. To begin with, the use of a facet joint release technique might be of great help to calm the affected parts and release the onset of muscle tensions as well as stimulating the adequate blood flow. But, a massage therapist needs to equip himself with proper knowledge and a thorough understanding of its clinical pathology.

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The general rule of massage therapy to resolve a facet joint pain syndrome is this. Seek the advice of a doctor  prior to the application of any treatment technique. Hence, if a session of massage therapy will be approved accordingly gentle pressures must be employed to painful arthritic areas. Nevertheless, targeting the deeper muscles is part of treatment process.

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Strengthening problem areas are the concealed secrets of a successful treatment behind a debilitating facet joint pain syndrome. Through the enhancement of a patient’s muscles, the reoccurrence of this medical issue will be avoided.  Meanwhile, prescriptive exercises are case to case basis.

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Upon the completion of a successful massage therapy for facet joint pain syndrome, complete relief is at hand. For instance, a locked facet joint begins to start the post-unlocking routine.  Of course, this will be based on the examinations by a competent physiotherapist and administration of accurate and time-tested guidelines.

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On the contrary, a facet joint pain  syndrome causes joint instability. If it happens, rehabilitation processes might take time to take its course because the muscle strengthening methods require constant practice and patience for both parties. Similarly, localized acupuncture is another excellent remedy for this treatable disease.

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Although there are many treatment options to swiftly address a facet joint pain syndrome massage therapy is the safest.

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