Massage Therapy for Essential Tremor: What are its Basic Techniques?

It is my very first time to hear about a dubious medical condition which is known as essential tremor. It is an unintentional, rhythmic, back and forth muscle movement which severely affects both hands. Moreover, this ranges from mild to progressive or its counterpart. Among its triggering factors are the following: Stress, physical exhaustion, low blood sugar and fever. Accordingly, this particular disorder  gravely affects any individual regardless of age. Meanwhile, it suddenly happens at the age of 40 years old and above.

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Suggestively, it is highly recommended that an essential tremor can be effectively cured by means of various physical therapy exercises or techniques such as stretching and other movement exercises which aim to enhance muscle control and coordination. Likewise, self-care exercises are taught and prescribed, too.  Therapists are providing inputs on how to use innovative gadgets like wrist watches, writing gadgets and heavy, therapeutic plates.

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Patients who are dealing with essential tremor should try yoga techniques because these have been ascribed by its advocates as  mild exercises which scientifically adopt several methods. Stretches, poses and breathing exercises are some of these medically proven treatment modalities. Yoga provides flexibility and strength like no other. Most importantly, it minimizes pains and tremors based on research studies. However, consultations to a medical doctor is badly needed prior to the beginning of any rehabilitation program.

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Apart from the previously mentioned holistic cures for essential tremor, clients should patiently try deep breathing exercises, progressive muscle exercise for relaxation and meditation. In doing so, the gradual attainment of the energy restoration without any inch of difficulty is expected.  In addition, a low-impact exercise improves poor blood circulation. What are the common techniques under this category? Walking and swimming are perceived to be the non-stressful alternatives to alleviate hand shaking.

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Moreover, a Swedish massage greatly aids you in minimizing the occurrence of essential tremor. Reflexology is another way of positively conquering these ailments. You are required to maintain a healthy body weight if your hands are uncontrollably shaking without apparent reasons. As much as possible, increase your calorie intake by including butter, peanut butter, milkshakes to your daily meal plan.  Consume lots of fiber-rich foods to prevent constipation since this medical concern is a predominant contributing factor to any kind of tremor.

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An essential tremor is indeed manageable, if you will reduce or totally eradicate the habit of frequent alcohol consumption. People with tremors should have adequate rest and sleep. Over fatigue aggravates it.

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The diverse treatments behind essential tremor are characterized as SAFE, COST-EFFECTIVE and VIABLE despite the discovery of modern medical breakthroughs in our midst today.

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