Jin Shin Do Massage Therapy: How Does it Perceive Health and Wellness?

A holistic massage therapy which is simply dubbed as Jin Shin Do is developed by psychotherapist Iona Marsaa Teeguarden   She was the one who had scientifically merged Reichian segmental theory and Taoist yogic philosophy together with breathing exercises  into her ideal and unique ideas  on how to restore health and wellness using a continuum level.  She has perfectly combined gentle pressures from a therapist’s fingers because  Teeguarden was a stern advocate of acupressure.

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Jin Shin Do allows a practitioner to hold  primary local points in tension areas, alongside with related distal points. Likewise, the applications of acupressure facilitate release of both emotional and physical tensions. This kind of therapy should last for 90 minutes only for 10 sessions. Pressures that are being applied must enthuse a comfortable feeling rather than an annoying physical discomfort.

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Pains are transformed into pleasures as soon as the proper massage techniques of Jin Shin Do are utilized.  As far as its release methodology is to be regarded, this is considered as a body and mind phenomenon and it is a magical wand of health and wellness. Benefits wise,  JSD minimizes wear and tear on a patient’s body.

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Additionally, proper breathing exercises is a MUST if you want to try the health wonders of Jin Shin Do. Breathing requires the use of tensed areas. Consequently, a competent therapist will be able to apply gentler pressures while maintaining an essential contact with the body’s specific points. Similarly, the so-called body dynamics are excellently given emphasis to promote good health. For instance, a wrist is in a straight position. Why do you need to do this?  Simply, it is one of the most comfy ways to hold any body point.

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Moreover, Jin Shin Do it processes the underlying causes of body and mind tension through the wise use of Body Focusing Techniques. Technically, it corresponds to a head movement which must lead to a given body  paving the way for wisdom and positive feelings.

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Meanwhile, various stretching exercises are also involved in Jin Shin Do. Furthermore, Qigong breathing and meditations are prescribed by a competent massage therapist. The Eight Skills Movements are never disregarded in the treatment process to attain optimum health.

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Truly, the amazing massage approaches of Jin Shin Do clearly explains the undeniable truth that any massage therapy modality is the best tool to have a healthy body.

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