Diabetics and a Foot Massage Treatment Plan

My mom is a diabetic. She’s taking lots of medications for years and I still want to make things much easier for her in managing a hazardous medical concern each day. One day, God gave me the best answer to my fervent prayer. A soothing foot massage. Based on the basic  fundamentals of Chinese medicine, this type of therapy silently activates a person’s capability of self-healing. The first thing that a therapist should do is to locate the specific points pertaining to the adrenal glands, ear, ureter and other related regions.

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To do a foot massage for diabetics, a certified therapist must use his or her fingers and knuckles on applying  firm pressures. Next, it is suggested that a patient is required to step on several pebbles without any footwear to attain the same soothing effect. If it hurts, this a clear indication that your internal organs are not functioning well.  Why is foot therapy too effective as a treatment modality?

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A human foot is tremendously connected to all our organs and other internal parts of our complex anatomy. Likewise, a foot is uniquely divided into sections which are composed of vital energies. As a result, a foot massage is believed to have the ability of energizing  different body areas. After each session of foot therapy, a patient must consume plenty of warm water to flush out body toxins. However, further research studies must be conducted to validate its positive health outcomes.

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The health wonders of a foot massage for diabetics are indeed attainable if our endocrine system will be stimulated properly. These are the vital parts that require some systematic touch therapies: Pineal, pituitary, thyroid and parathyroid, thymus and adrenal glands. As far as as their remarkable improvements in relation to its distinct functions, log on to http://healthy-ojas.com/diabetes/diabetes-reflexology.html

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What seems to be the most rewarding part of a foot massage for those people who are suffering from diabetes? Well, one of these is the easy to do touch techniques of the solar plexus, small intestine and pancreas. It normalizes the high levels of carbohydrates, which results in the restoration of normal glucose levels as well.

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To prevent further complications of diabetes such as nerve damage, heart problems and kidney deterioration, a foot massage is an integral part of your prescribed and appropriate holistic treatment  For example, the kidneys will remain healthy despite of being a diabetic if you will use your thumbs together and apply the pull apart technique as gently as you can in order to energize the kidneys and adrenal gland above anything else.

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Foot massage and its methodologies which are especially meant for patients with high glucose levels lead to the impeccable improvement of blood circulation and body temperature. More so, it revitalizes their immune system and minimizes numbness as the treatment session progresses.

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