Colonic Massage Therapy: Myriad of Health Benefits for Your Digestive System

Stomach upsets or discomforts are triggered by the improper functioning of our intestines or  digestive system as a whole. The colonic massage therapy is believed to be effective in relieving  constipation, irritable bowel movement and bloating. Also, this kind of massage fosters these amazing health benefits as this self-care regimen does its job in regulating your digestion  in terms of  the various physiological processes to provide a healthy gut. It minimizes bowel movements if you are experiencing loose stools. Colonic methods of treatments act as peristalsis to move stools after being constipated for a couple of days.

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Colonic massage therapy abruptly clears trapped gases and it magnificently aids the passing of hard and stubborn stools. Use as much pressure as you want with your fingertips. Begin at the lower right portion of your abdomen utilizing small and circular movements going upwards to your torso under the rib cage and across the left side of your stomach.


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Each colonic massage therapy should last only for 20-30 minutes only, coupled with warm up intervals to enhance rhythms and pressures on the part of a massage therapist. But, if you are having extreme constipations a much better form of colon massage is suggested. This is simply termed as the external colon massage.

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Millions of people  are suffering from constipation. Health experts have significantly concluded that a colonic massage therapy relieves tensions that are encapsulating the colon. As a result, a healthy digestive system is gladly expected. Likewise, toxins are gradually removed from our body to stimulate the internal detoxification process in general. Furthermore, the accumulated amounts of fecal matter are easily dislodged from the walls of our intestinal tract.

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The flow of blood is increased within the abdominal cavity. Subsequently, a colonic massage therapy will be able to distribute oxygen to the other organs of the body. Similarly, this kind of massage prevents acne for a more youthful and glowing skin. Most importantly, it gets you rid of fatigue everyday. Stress is even decreased when your colon is being massaged correctly.

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Regular inclusions of a colonic massage therapy prevents spasms around the abdominal area. For health buffs, it will lessen the appearance of unwanted fats. Do the massage by using some virgin coconut oil to soothe your skin and balance cholesterol levels.

Maintain a digestive system that will translate  our body into a fast acting organ through the pleasures  of colonic massage therapy so  you will be able to absorb more nutrients whenever you consume healthy foodstuffs everyday.

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